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Download Fawry App from Google Play, and keep your bank account with you all time. You have access to do a variety of transactions including: balance inquiry, issuing statement of account, transfer to your other accounts, transfer to other FIB accounts, transfer to ATM card of other banks’ customers, pay for electronic transactions, electricity purchase, top up your phone, and many other unique services.

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You can now transfer your money with no complications and no lengthy proceedings... Transfer your money from Saudi Arabia using Quick Pay service of the National Commercial Bank and receive it in Sudan at Faisal Islamic Bank with the same currency of transfer.

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We, Faisal Islamic Bank, take pride being the best provider of banking services. Visit one of our nation-wide branches to check out the wide range of services carefully designed to meet your needs.


To be the best provider of Islamic financial solutions in a contemporary style, by excelling in customer satisfaction, with creativity and innovation driven by the spirit of youth.


Delivering banking solutions that improve our customers’ and our employees lives, by applying the most recent standards, and developing creative, modern, and Sharia-compliant banking products.

Currency Buy Sell Mid Rate
US Dollar 1,700.0000 1,712.7500 1,706.3750
Euro 1,844.5000 1,858.3338 1,851.4169
Suadi Riyal 453.3333 456.7333 455.0333
UAE Dirham 463.2153 466.6894 464.9524
Sterling Pound 1,955.0000 1,969.6625 1,962.3312
Japanese Yen 11.7460 11.8341 11.7901
Kwaiti Dinar 5,100.0000 5,138.2500 5,119.1250
Bahraini Dinar 4,335.0000 4,367.5125 4,351.2563
Omani Riyal 4,420.0000 4,453.1500 4,436.5750
Qatari Riyal 454.5455 457.9545 456.2500
Swiss Franc 1,717.0000 1,729.8775 1,723.4388
Exchange rates updated date: 2024-06-20

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